Enrolment calendar

Calendar of enrolment procedure and entrance examinations

29.06.2020 (12:00, CET) Starting of the electronic enrolment procedure.
03.09.2020 (23:59, CET) Deadline for enrolment procedure.
Deadline for delivery of the required documents.
Closure of electronic enrolment system.
04.09.2020 – 08.09.2020 Assessment of qualifications and delivered documents.
09.09.2020 – 24.09.2020 Entrance examinations (oral).
Assembling of paper version of required documents in the Main Office of the Joint Doctoral School.
28.09.2020 (12:00, CET) Final ranking list of PhD students admitted to the Joint Doctoral School.

Due to the fact that the interviews will be conducted remotely, each candidate qualified for the second stage of the recruitment will receive information about the date of the interview by e-mail.

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