How to apply for PhD programme

The selection of PhD candidates to the Joint Doctoral School involves a competitive examination.

Entry requirements

Call for admission to PhD programme is open to students of all ages and nationality who obtained a second level University degree (Master level). International qualifications will be assessed by the Examination Board during the selection and evaluation procedure and will be declared equivalent (or not) to a Polish second level degree – Master Degree.

Equivalence of international qualifications

Before your application can be assessed for admission, your international qualifications  must be declared equivalent to an Polish degree. If the outcome of the assessment is positive, your application will be evaluated for the admission to a PhD programme. Results of this assessment will be send to you by e-mail.

On-line application guidelines

  1. You have to submit your application within the online platform IRK (
  2. Before you start read carefully what documents you will need to upload (section “Required documents”).
  3. If you apply for the very first time, you must register into the University portal: create your applicant account using button „Create an account”.
  4. Find interesting research topic and make the on-line registration procedure.
  5. Upload all required documents. In case of international qualifications: you will need to submit electronic/scanned copies of the original (or certified true copies) of your documentation: Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees, Bachelor’s and Master’s transcripts and any other documents such as the Diploma Supplement.
  6. Contact the chosen supervisor to discuss details of the PhD project and to get a statement of taking up the scientific supervision over the PhD thesis.
  7. If you have any technical problem with the application please contact by e-mail
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