The Silesian University of Technology organizes its PhD studies within the Joint Doctoral School. The School aims to promote and implement research areas defined in the University development strategy. PhD studies prepare students to achieve a high degree of specialization and expertise in a scientific discipline.
The Joint Doctoral School offers interdisciplinary education covering a wide range of scientific disciplines (
Topics of PhD thesis). Duration of a PhD program is 4 years with full-time enrolment. Each PhD student receives a scholarship without charging for tuition.
The Joint Doctoral School selects prospective PhD students through annual open competitions in the form of entrance examinations (
Enrolment calendar). Electronic registration of candidates due to on-line platform ( Information on admission procedure and entry requirements (Required documents) are outlined on the website.

Enrolment to the Joint Doctoral School for the academic year 2024/2025 – main information for candidates

  1. Enrolment to the Joint Doctoral School takes place through a competition according to the rules set out in the Resolution of the Senate of the Silesian University of Technology of 18 December 2023 on the principles of recruitment to the Doctoral School for education starting in the academic year 2024/2025.
  2. enrolment is conducted in the period from May to September according to a detailed schedule.
  3. The registration of candidates and the submission of the required documents in electronic form is carried out using the IRK.
  4. Doctoral thesis topics, filtered by scientific discipline in the Joint Doctoral School, are available at ( candidate chooses the topic of the doctoral project to which he/she wants to apply. Only one topic can be selected.
  5. The recruitment fee is 200 PLN. Foreigners pay the equivalent of the enrolment fee in euros, converted at the average exchange rate of the euro announced by the National Bank of Poland on the last working day of the calendar year preceding the academic year for which recruitment is conducted, rounded up to the nearest whole number.
  6. Once the dissertation topic has been selected, the candidate should contact the supervisor responsible for that topic by e-mail to discuss details of the project and to obtain the supervisor’s statement required during enrolment.
  7. The interview will take place using remote communication methods and techniques, using synchronous communication tools that ensure control of the interview, e.g. Microsoft Teams and Zoom. At the candidate’s request, the interview may be conducted stationary, at the office of the Central Recruitment Commission.
  8. Candidates will be qualified for admission to the doctoral school according to their place on the ranking list, until the number of places available in the discipline is fully exhausted, one person for each announced doctoral topic, with a minimum score required for admission.

For any information please contact:

For any information please contact:

+48 32 603 42 80 (monday-friday 8am-3pm)

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